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Myths About Airsoft

There are many myths around the recreational activity, Airsoft. Through this article, let us disprove some common myths about Airsoft guns.

Airsoft is a team shooting game where teams compete against each other and eliminate players from opposite teams using the Airsoft guns. Automatic-Electric Guns, Gas Blow Back rifles or pistols that fire plastic or bio-degradable pellets are used to play Airsoft games. Many myths and misconceptions are revolving around Airsoft guns; let us debunk them.

By Modifying Airsoft Guns They Can Be Turned Into Real Guns

A common myth that people believe about Airsoft guns is that they can be modified to fire real pellet, which is not true. The reason being an Airsoft gun is not made up of the same material as a real gun, and thus, it cannot bear the strength and velocity of a real bullet once the bullet is fired from the gun. If the weapon is modified to fire a real bullet, it will eventually break because it cannot withstand the heat of a bullet.

Airsoft Is An Expensive Sport

Another common misconception about Airsoft is that it is very costly or an expensive sport. Though it is not a costly activity, this does not imply that every person can afford the necessary equipment. The initial costs are high as you are required to purchase the guns, ammunition, safety gears and masks etc. Some guns are more expensive than others, so the costs would vary according to the gun you buy and depend on the deals you can get. Safety gear and masks are a must to ensure complete protection. Airsoft is not an expensive sport if you know where you will get good deals on equipment and gaming arenas to play it for a decent fee.

Airsoft Guns Are Lethal

When it comes to non-airsoft players, the most common myth they have about this game is that they assume Airsoft guns are very dangerous. While playing Airsoft games, players must wear safety gear to protect themselves and avoid any injuries. If the pellets hit exposed parts of your body, it might get deadly, or if you are not wearing the safety gear or do not follow the rules, things might take a wrong turn.

If you follow the rules and wear safety gear, you can protect yourself and others from any harm.

Airsoft Is A Game For Boys

How can this myth be true? Airsoft is not a gender-specific game, and both boys and girls can play it. Though men have dominated this game, that does not mean women can not play it. Women are also capable of playing this game and acing it.

Airsoft Gun Is A Kind Of Toy

People who have never used an Airsoft gun are most likely to have this misconception. For them, Airsoft guns are toy guns used by kids to play police and thief games. On the contrary, Airsoft guns are replica weapon, and to operate an Airsoft gun; you need training and proper knowledge and safety gear.


Many such myths are doing the rounds like Airsoft makes people violent, and through this article, we have tried to debunk these myths so that people enjoy the game.

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