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Tricks to Lower Your Airsoft Gun’s FPS

Are you looking to reduce the FPS on your airsoft gun? Whether you’re a new player just starting out, or an experienced veteran looking to play in different environments, reducing your gun’s FPS can be a big help. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the methods that you can use to lower your FPS. We’ll also provide a few tips to help make the process as easy and painless as possible!

What is FPS and why do you want to lower it

FPS stands for feet per second, and it measures the velocity of an airsoft gun’s BB. Generally speaking, the higher a gun’s FPS, the more powerful it is. The most common FPS limit in airsoft events ranges from 300-400fps with .20 gram BBs. If you go above this limit, then you may be required to use heavier pellets (BBs) or lower your settings so that you don’t exceed the limit.

Methods for lowering your FPS

There are a variety of ways that you can lower your FPS, depending on the type of gun and the modifications you have done to it.

1. Change Your Spring: The most common way to lower your gun’s FPS is by changing the spring. By replacing the powerful spring in your airsoft gun with one that’s lighter, you can reduce your FPS while still maintaining accuracy and range.

2. Adjust Your Hop-up Setting: Another option is to adjust your hop-up setting. This component adds spin to BBs as they exit the barrel of your gun, helping them maintain their trajectory for longer distances. If yours is set too high, it could be causing higher than necessary FPS readings.

3. Use a Muzzle Brake: If you want to take things a step further and reduce your FPS even more, then you can install an after-market muzzle brake. This device attaches to the barrel of your airsoft gun and reduces the amount of air that escapes when firing, helping to lower the velocity of each BB.

Tips for Lowering FPS

1. Test Your Gun Before Hand: Before you make any modifications or adjustments, it’s important to test your gun first. This will help you find out what your current FPS is so that you know how much work needs to be done.

2. Read Up on Your Gun: Make sure that you read up on the type of gun you have and the modifications that are possible. This will help you figure out which method is best for lowering your FPS.

3. Don’t Go Too Low: When adjusting or changing parts, make sure not to go too low with your FPS. If it’s too low, then accuracy can suffer and the gun won’t perform as well as it should.

Lowering your airsoft gun’s FPS isn’t complicated, but it can be time-consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing. With the right knowledge and a bit of patience though, you can successfully reduce the velocity of your gun and get back on the field in no time! Good luck and happy shooting!

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