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Types Of Airsoft Matches

Airsoft games are played with different weapons, on diverse landscapes, with a varying number of players. The airsoft Games also vary in difficulty level. Here are some games for beginners and advanced players based on difficulty level. 

Airsoft games are a recreational activity that offers warfare like experience to the players. The games are played with different weapons, and in each game, the number of players varies. These team shooting games are played in special gaming arenas.

Types Of Airsoft Games

There are many variations of Airsoft games. Whether a beginner or an experienced player, you can choose from a wide variety of classic games to military simulations. Players can play a short skirmish Airsoft game or a full weekend event. Let us look at some of the games depending upon the difficulty level.

For Beginners

There are many games for beginners such as team deathmatch, police shootout, Fort wars or president. Let us see how these are played:

  •  Team Deathmatch

It a very popular Airsoft game and perfect for beginners. In the Team deathmatch game, the players are divided into two teams. Each team has to eliminate the players from the opposite team. The players who get the hit have to return to respawn point. The team with the highest number of hits wins the game.

  • Police Shootout

 It is a very simple Airsoft game for beginners. It is played with pistols, and the players are divided into two teams. The objective of a police shootout is to eliminate the opposing team to win fully. 

  • Fortwars

It is similar to the Capture the Flag game. In it, players are divided into two teams, and each team has its own fort with a flag. In order to win, one of the teams has to replace the flag of the opponent team with their flag. 

  • President

One of the most exciting games for beginners. At the beginning of the game, there is a president in either of the teams. Half of the players are the president’s bodyguards who will protect him, and half of the players are his assassins. There are two objectives in this game: the first is that the president has to reach a specific location without being hit. Second, the assassins have to eliminate the president before the president reaches a safe zone.

For Advanced

The advanced games are for experienced players. A few of the advanced games are:

  • Officers

The players are divided into two teams, namely, officers and attackers. The officers have to follow a specified path. They have to ensure they are not shot before finishing the specified route. To win, only one officer needs to survive. The attackers have to stop officers from finishing the specified path, and they can move around or hide and have assault rifles and sniper rifles.

  • Manhunt

In this game, there is prey that needs to reach a specified location, and there is a team of hunters. The hunters are required to shoot the prey before he reaches the safe zone. 

  • Hostage Rescue

To play hostage rescue, the players are divided into two teams; one is guards, and the other is the hostages and rescuers. The team of rescuers are required to try and get the hostages released without getting themselves shot. Once the hostages are rescued, the rescuers need to guide them to a safe zone. If the rescue team can free all hostages and take them to a safe place, they win. If guards can eliminate the rescuers before they rescue hostages, they win.


There are many other games that Airsoft fans can play, and the level of difficulty varies for each game. Be it a beginner, an intermediate player or an experienced player; there is a game for all.

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